[Tip] Switch Profiles in macros


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    That's great. A simple use I can see would be to trigger your Colour Grading screenset and switch profiles in one. 

    Would love to learn more of these, as Monogram deserves to be hacked just as much as things like the Streamdeck.

    My main requests for Profiles would be

    - Some change in the delay when switching profiles (the icon reloading), which makes me slightly nervous and uncertain, especially cycling between them.

    - When they do add switching to a specific profile, I hope it's accessible outside of Monogram too.

    - Address the RAM usage from having lots of profiles. I don't know why files of around 100kb can add nearly 100mb of RAM. Also, since it can run fine with more than 15 profiles, I don't know why it creates this limit within the app.

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