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    Seconded… I ended up making a macro to do this, which you can use with Keyboard Maestro


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    Sawyer Broadley

    Even better would be the ability to customize and save 'profiles' for individual buttons/dials so they could be assigned from a menu in Creator.

    As a workaround, I could see doing something like this with an external database and macros like Oli has developed, but official support of this would make a lot of sense.

    If this functionality was supported officially then it would also be a lot easier for individual dial/button profiles to be switched contextually or as part of a macro, though that's starting to push how profiles work conceptually in Creator (i.e. a fixed assignment for each item).* 

    Profiles for individual modules would be neat too, as would the ability to swap button/dial assignments left/right up/down to make moving modules around easier.

    *There is a clumsy work around to do this: you can change profiles an arbitrary number of times as part of a macro, so you can have your core profiles and then context dependent profiles that branch off of those (for example a 'copy' button turns into 'paste'). I just made a post describing this:


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