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    The exact implementation varies a tiny bit from DAW-to-DAW, but in short it requires assigning either hotkeys or a MIDI CC (endless type required, not absolute) to the Orbiter ring. In the latter case, the MIDI CC must be taught to the DAW using the controller assignments or MIDI learn functionalities.

    Here's an example of the latter method in Logic Pro: https://youtu.be/3I4rbRnLUXI

    For the former method, with hotkeys, simply assign the hotkey to move the playhead forward to the right turn of the Orbiter. In Logic, this is the Period key by default. And then assign the hotkey to move the playhead backwards to the left turn of the Orbiter. This defaults to the Comma key in Logic.

    Personally I've set this up in Logic, Reaper, and Cubase without problems; happy to help if you need more detail in any of these.

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    Paul DeCesare

    I use the Orbiter to move the play head back and forth in Cubase, so easy to set it where you want without fussing with a mouse. Since there are Cubase keyboard shortcuts for moving the play head (system not on but I think it’s CTRL+NumPad plus and NumPad minus) I just use those shortcuts in the Left and Right boxes when you set up the Orbiter. 

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    I've tried MIDI mapping but in the end settled for using keyboard shortcuts. In Logic there are a few key commands for this, (Move Forward By Nudge Value) which you could change the speed of with another dial (changing Nudge Value)

    In Final Cut I found the CommandPost integration created quite laggy jogging, so also used keyboard shortcuts there.

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