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    Hi Adam, great question. The Load Profile feature will always maintain the app that each profile was built for. This is because the vast majority of apps don't share common commands, so it wouldn't be useful to import a Photoshop profile into, say, Premiere, or a Cubase profile into Excel for example.

    However Cubase and Nuendo are an interesting case since they share so many shortcuts and CCs.

    Here's a workaround I shared in the past to change the application linked to a profile. It assumes you're comfortable doing a quick tweak to the profile's JSON code.


    To prevent this problem in the future, one option would be to use the Universal profile type, which would allow you to build a profile that works regardless of if Cubase or Nuendo are active. The Universal profile type is active whenever there isn't a profile dedicated to the active app, so you would replace two profiles (Cubase + Nuendo) with one (Universal).

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