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    Hey Melissa, looks like we got to your email first. Going to post this here so others get the benefit if they run into the same problem.

    This problem happens if the Monogram Extension for Premiere Pro doesn't install properly. Most common cause is that Premiere is open while Monogram Creator is installing or updating.

    The fix takes about 2 minutes:

    Re-install Monogram Extension

    1. Quit Premiere Pro

    2.  In Creator, click the plug icon at the bottom-right of your Premiere Pro profile; you should see a dialogue box open with troubleshooting instructions.

    3. Select option 3: re-install Adobe Extension

    4. Restart Premiere Pro

    Optional: Set up Monogram Plugin

    1. Go to Premiere Pro
    2. Navigate to File > Preferences > Control Surface
    3. Select "Add" to select a new control surface. Choose the Device Class drop-down, select "Monogram Control Surface", and select OK.

    The Monogram Plugin steps are usually redundant but good to check while you're troubleshooting.

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    Thank you - this worked! 

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