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    Hey Paolo, setting up MIDI CCs with Pro Tools should be pretty plug-and-play, but there are a couple things to check if it's not working:

    • Select the MIDI input for your track in Pro Tools. Make sure that it's set to "All" so that it will recognize MIDI inputs from both your keyboard and the Monogram Console.
    • Ensure that the Spitfire Audio plugin is receiving MIDI on the same channel as your Monogram Console. Selecting "Any" in the Spitfire Audio plugin is a good way to troubleshoot this.
    • Make sure you haven't inadvertently added Monogram as an HUI Control Surface. If you have, please remove it from the Control Surface setup.

    At this point things should be working. Follow the classic tech support cliche of restarting in order to confirm if it's still not playing nicely.

    If the problem continues to persist, here's how to get further help:

    1. Please use (on Chrome) or Hexler Protokol to record the MIDI output being sent by your sliders.
    2. Email a screenshot of the resulting log to so we can troubleshoot with you more in-depth.
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