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    Monogram Support

    Hi Gabriel,
    We do not currently have a setting to allow you to do this -- but we do have a workaround.
    In Creator, go to Preferences > Advanced > Check "Enable debugging of module settings via Manual Entry view"
    Now when you click on your orbiter module to edit it, there should be a "Manual Entry" option.

    Copy the following code into the field (replace what is currently there):

    "info": "Turn = Horizontal Scroll<br>Tilt X = Horizontal Scroll<br>Tilt Y = Vertical Scroll<br><br>Use varying pressure on Orbiter's disc to scroll faster or slower.",
    "label": "scroll",
    "name": "scroll",
    "tiltMode": 1,
    "tiltSensitivity": 5,
    "tiltX": {
    "scroll": "horizontal",
    "step": 20,
    "virtual": true
    "tiltY": {
    "scroll": "vertical",
    "step": -20,
    "virtual": true
    "turn": {
    "scroll": "horizontal",
    "step": 20,
    "virtual": true
    "turnSensitivity": 9

    Then click Check and Save > Done.
    This should allow you to scroll horizontally with the dial, and 2D scrolling with the tilt disc.
    We've also logged this as a UX improvement that we may be adding official support for in the future.

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    Gabriel Mann

    amazing. this was super easy and totally worked. fyi i use my monogram hardware in protools, doesn't seem like there are too many of us here, maybe we need our own subgroup!

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