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    christopher palestro

    Hi.  Following up here.  Thanks!!

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    Shipping & Sales

    Hey Christopher! Yes, this is an unfortunate bug in the current Alpha—a fix is in development right now and should be released soon. Also, the C1 support will be added to the stable release channel that doesn't suffer this bug.

    Now, with regards to moving the profile to the stable release version: This is done automatically as both read profiles from the same folder (~/Library/Application Support/Monogram/Service/). So, when you install the stable release all your profiles will appear without further action required.

    With all of the above in mind, here's what we'd recommend moving forward:

    1. Keep the Alpha installed when you first install Creator stable just to make sure your profiles carry over as promised.
    2. Once you've verified this, you can safely uninstall the Alpha.
    3. If you want to save profiles from the Alpha release, specifically, there will be a fix in the coming days that addresses this bug.
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