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    We recently put up an article that goes over M1 compatibility at-length. It's almost universally good news; I'll put a quick summary below:

    For Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Capture One, etc.—basically everything except Photoshop—Monogram just works on M1 systems in similar fashion to a comparable Intel Mac.

    For Photoshop only, the Apple Silicon-specific versions of 22.3 and 22.4 are missing the extensions feature—a custom-developed extension is the backbone of the current Monogram + PS integration.

    The short-term fix for this is to install Photoshop 22.2 or to run the later versions on Rosetta, either of which will restore extensions functionality. This is the fix suggested by Adobe here:

    The long-term fix is a rewrite of our Photoshop integration—this rewrite is already underway and in active development, as of spring 2021. The rewritten version is developed to run on all macOS and Windows releases of Photoshop, so there will be no future problems with M1/Apple Silicon compatibility.

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    christopher palestro

    Hi. Can you provide info about M1 support? Thanks!

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    Erik Coleman

    I'm curious about this as well.  I installed Photoshop compiled for the new M1 processor and it doesn't look like your software is able to connect to Photoshop.

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