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    Todd Chandler

    Giving this a bump, because I'd love to hear if there's been any progress in this direction. I understand that Blackmagic has Resolve locked down pretty tightly, and that Keyboard mode is the only way to use Monogram to control the software. That said, Monogram team:  are any tricks to Jog/Shuttle/Scroll using the Orbiter, other than setting left and right turn to move in single frame increments using keyboard shortcuts left/right arrow?

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    Pullen D

    Hi all, I'm just starting to work through this. With the Orbiter, it's only possible to assign keyboard keypresses to the outer scroll ring; the center pad doesn't support keyboard emulation right now.

    This wastes most of the functionality of the Orbiter, unfortunately.

    Instead, I assigned keypresses to one of the dials. Here's what I did:

    Under Customize/Turn/Keyboard Mode:

    Left Turn = left arrow

    Right Turn = right arrow

    Enable Software emulation


    Under Customize/Press and Turn/Keyboard Mode:

    Left Turn = left arrow, enable Shift

    Right Turn = right arrow, enable Shift


    Under Customize/Press/Keyboard Mode:



    This gives precise jog controls by turning the dial, coarse jog controls by pressing and turning the dial, and toggles play/pause by pressing and releasing the dial.

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