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    Hey Raf!

    I don't have firsthand experience using Touch Designer (with or without Creative Console for that matter), however a quick look at Derivative's documentation shows that it supports MIDI and HID Joystick input—both of which are supported assignment modes from your Creative Console. Articles here and here.

    An example of how you would use these assignment modes is to assign, say, an Orbiter to Joystick axes X/Y/Z and bind those axes to transform/translate an object in 3D space in Touch Designer. Same goes for MIDI — a dial assigned to a given CC could adjust an incremental parameter, while a key assigned to a given note, CC, or PC could trigger a specific event.

    Finally, I see that Touch Designer also has a number of well-documented APIs that should allow a developer to build an integration with Monogram Creator. If you're that developer, or know someone who is, please send us an email and we can share some yet-to-be-released developer tools under NDA. Same goes if you have a contact on the dev or product teams at Derivative.

    Hope this all helps; let me know if you have other questions!

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    Shandor Chury


    Just to point out that I created the deepest integration possible through Touchdesigner tools and here's a component that you can drag and drop into any TD project. I normalized and interpolated midi messages also from 0-127 integer values to 0..1 floats.

    ovvostudio/TD-Monogram: Touchdesigner Monogram Creative Console Integration (



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