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    Hi Joel! Presently, both Palette and Monogram require a connection to a computer running PaletteApp or Monogram Creator to be functional.

    We expect that the storage and system resource load from PaletteApp and Creator is negligible on any machine capable of handling Photo and Video editing.

    With that being said, we're aware of interest in a standalone MIDI mode—where Creative Console can send MIDI to any device over USB, without any configuration. Is this important to you solely for system resources, or are there other considerations as well?

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    I work at a company that disallows installation of third party software, especially software that has any sort of system controls. Hardware is generally more welcome, since it doesn't require elevated permissions.

    I want to leverage the hardware for more general system usages (e.g. running coded macros, simulating predefined keystrokes, adjusting volume, scrolling, etc...).

    I use other configurable tools like mice with advanced configurations and keyboards that support macros. All of which have onboard memory to store settings and custom configs. This allows usage on any OS / computer by just plugging them in. Would be pretty cool to see something similar with the tools y'all offer.

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    I have the same requirements. I need to not run arbitrary software for security concerns. But I can convert midi to suit my needs.

    I also would have use for connecting Monogram to a Linux machine, which doesn’t run creator, but would happily accept a midi device.

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