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    Hey Theresa, 

    Yes, of course! We have a support team who is available by email to answer any questions you may have pre or post purchase! The email to reach us at is

    As well, you can absolutely return your console if you decide that it is not what you're looking for. :) We have a 30 day return policy from when you receive the product.

    Monogram Creative Consoles are designed to work with both Windows and MacOS. Here is a link to our website where you can pre-order our Traveller Console. We are currently running a pre-order sale! 


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    Hey Theresa, absolutely. The Traveler console (and other Monogram consoles) are really easy to set up as a universal MIDI device. Expression and Dynamics are controlled by CC1 and CC11, respectively, so the setup process is just to assign those CCs to your sliders.

    Here's a screencap showing the process (using Reaper, but the process in Logic is nearly identical). Relevant bit is from 0:53 to 2:45.

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    Theresa Rubino

    I'm not the most tech savvy so if I need assistance getting the module to work with Logic, is there a tech support I can contact?  And worst case, if it doesn't work can I return it?  I assume it works with Mac as well as Windows, correct?  I use Logic on a Mac.  Thanks!

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