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    A quick update and fix for anyone affected. Thanks to Nathan's report and info, we were able to reproduce and isolate this problem. I have some notes and a fix below...

    Premiere Pro 14.1.0 (latest release) crashes consistently when using a handful of Palette functions, mainly found in the Motion > Effects section (ie Opacity, Scale, Clip Position).

    We've tested Premiere Pro 14.0.4 (previous release) and Premiere Pro 14.2.0 (current Public Beta) and neither version suffers the same crashes. It appears to be a problem specific to 14.1.0.

    Adobe is aware of this issue and have promised a fix in the next Premiere Pro update; you can see Adobe’s response to a 3rd-party developer’s report here.

    In the meantime, we recommend you use Premiere Pro 14.0.4 or 14.2.0-Beta to avoid this issue. Below are links showing you how to install previous and beta versions, respectively.

    How to install previous Adobe CC versions
    How to install Adobe CC beta versions


    Original Comment:

    Hey Nathan, sorry to hear!

    I'm running the same setup—Catalina 10.15.4 and Premiere Pro 14.1—and wasn't able to reproduce the same problem, so let's try and figure out why this is happening specifically for you on your machine.

    Can you send an email to with the following info:

    - A screenshot or copy of your Palette profile(s) for Premiere Pro

    - A copy of your system specifications (found in the menu bar under Apple > About This Mac)

    - A copy of your PaletteApp logs (found in Finder, inside ~/Library/Application Support/Palette/PaletteAppV2/log)

    - A copy of any Premiere Pro crash reports (how to find them)

    I've let my colleague Mikayla know to expect your email; we'll look into this ASAP once we receive it.

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