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    Hi Robert, looks like I got to your direct email first, but I'm putting the answer here for others' benefit.

    Normally the first thing you check if you see the orange icon is the Preferences > Control Surface menu. For anyone else having this problem, here's an article on how to do that.


    In your case specifically, it looks like the control surface plugin hasn't made it into the right folder.

    Here's how to fix it:

    1. Open Finder

    2. Press Shift + Cmd + G and paste in the following file path: /Applications/Palette 2/PaletteApp/setup/nativeplugin/
    or /Applications/Palette Beta/PaletteApp/setup/nativeplugin

    3. Locate Palette Plugin (V2).bundle

    4. Return to Finder and press Shift + Cmd + G again. Paste in the following file path: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/ControlSurface/

    5. Move the file from step 3 into the ControlSurface folder

    6. Restart PaletteApp and Audition, then locate Palette Plugin V2 in Audition > Preferences > Control Surface

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