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    Shipping & Sales

    Hi Todd, I just had a look at this on my machine, which is also running the same version and build of LR Classic as you. The good news is that I believe there's a very simple fix and your kit should be fully compatible with LR Classic 8.2.

    After navigating to File > Plugin Manager > Palette Plugin (V2) in Lightroom, give this a try:

    1. Select "Disable" at the center-right, under Status

    2. Select "Reload Plug-in"—now it should reload without displaying the Localhost error

    3. Select "Enable"

    Finally, make sure that the option "Reload plugin on each export" is not selected.

    Here's what's happening: If the plugin is reloaded while enabled, it will often try to create a duplicate connection on port 50010. This is why you see the localhost error. Reloading the plugin while it is disabled will prevent this duplicate connection.


    For the sake of completeness: If you see the localhost error when starting up Lightroom or while attempting to use Palette, it is likely due to the configuration of your system's hosts file. We've put up an article with some instructions on how to reset your hosts file and prevent this error:

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    Xavier DELHOUME

    Hi Andy,

    I'm facing the same issue and this workaround is not working.

    I'm using Adobe Lithroom Classic CC version 8.2 build 1204543 (french version) and Palette 2.5.2 on a Windows 10 x64 PC

    In Lightroom plugin manager I try :

     - Disable Palette Plugin

     - Reload Plug-in

    But when i clic on the Enable button, i get the error message : "Palette : ERROR = fail to open localhost:50010"

    As a first diagnostic, i tried to find if the port 50010 is listening with a netstat command. The port 50010 is not listening.

    Do you have any idea about this issue ?



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    Shipping & Sales

    Hi Xavier and Todd, is this error message coming up when you open Lightroom? And is it preventing Palette from being able to control Lightroom?

    If that's the case for either of you, please make sure you've rebuilt your hosts file and subsequently restarted your machine. Full instructions here:

    Finally, if the issue still persists, please email us directly (select "Submit a Request" from the top right) and we can dig deeper into what may be causing this.

    When you email, please include your logs in a .zip file, found at: %localappdata%\Palette\PaletteAppV2\log (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/Palette/PaletteAppV2/log (macOS)

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    todd zimmer

    Hey Andy, yes the message was coming up for a couple seconds at the start of LR.

    I went through the steps outlined and am back up and running.

    "    localhost" was present in my terminal window 
    but I still went through the procedure.

    Thank you for your help Andy, always a pleasure,

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