Midi rotary - possible to get rotation info beyond 360 degrees?




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    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for reaching out - great question!

    As I believe Andy has mentioned over email, endless dials are a great suggestion, and are currently a pending feature request for music and MIDI-focused development.

    Our development priority has recently been on Photo and Video, and that will continue to be our focus in the short term. In the meantime, however, our Beta SDK is available to Palette owners - it allows for dials to be assigned as an endless encoder, not simulating a fixed range potentiometer as in MIDI mode. You can also currently assign a Palette Dial to send keystrokes with each incremental turn rather than MIDI CC—even while the Buttons and Sliders are still assigned to send MIDI data. This may be useful for making endless adjustments with the dial. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the SDK beta, please feel free to contact our team directly (select "Submit a Request" at top right).

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    Dan Ruderman

    Hi Colin,

    The keystroke method works great for me. Thanks for pointing it out!



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