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    Hi Hugo, thank you for the troubleshooting efforts you've taken already.

    It appears that a duplicate Palette process is "hanging on" to the serial port connection for your kit. This would explain why it's not showing up on the desktop but you're able to successfully use it on the laptop. This happens occasionally when multiple builds of PaletteApp are installed and run in quick succession.

    A fix:

    I know that steps 3, 4, and 5 may be redundant based on what you've already done, but please follow each step—it will give us a clean platform for running Palette. If this doesn't fix the issue itself (it should), it will at least make subsequent troubleshooting MUCH faster.

    1. Disconnect your Palette kit from USB.

    2. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete or search Task Manager in the Windows search bar) and kill all processes belonging to PaletteApp 2.exe and Palette Service.

    3. Follow this article to clear all installed versions of PaletteApp from your machine.
      Note: Make sure that both the Public and Beta, plus any other builds are all removed by opening C:\Program Files and removing ALL folders titled Palette.

    4. Restart your desktop. Ensure that all Adobe apps stay closed until after you've completed the below steps.

    5. Install only one version of PaletteApp—your choice of (Public release) or

    6. Once you've run PaletteApp, please reconnect your kit and either create a new profile or load in the profiles you backed up during step 3.

    At this point, the kit should be detected and able to be used with Photoshop CC. I've verified this from my end by breaking my install and fixing it by following the exact same process as above.

    If you run into any further issues, go to Help > Customer Support in the app, or email

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