Propellerhead Reason 10 on Windows 7 - Palette Not Recognised



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    Rich, am I correct in my reading that you're selecting "Auto-Detect Control Surfaces" in Reason's Preferences > Control Surfaces menu?

    I believe that's the problem; the solution is to define Palette as a new control surface rather than rely on auto-detect. Here's how:

    1. Go to Reason Preferences > Control Surfaces

    2. Select "Add" (lower left)

    3. Set Manufacturer to <Other>

    4. Leave Model as MIDI Control Keyboard

    5. Set Name to "Palette" or similar

    6. Set MIDI Input to "Palette Multi-Function Device" from the drop-down
      Alternatively: click "Find" and move a slider, then click "Choose"

    If the above does not work, please send me an email (select "Submit a Request" at the top right), with your Palette MIDI profile attached. If the issue is solved over email, I will update the thread here for anyone else troubleshooting Reason in the future.

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    Hi Andy, thanks for the prompt reply,

    Actually I meant I used the Find option rather than Auto Detect and it did not detect anything,

    I tried what you said above but no dice,

    I may upload a video soon to show my steps, in the meantime I am looking for any other demo software I can try to see if I can get the midi connection to work with Palette so I know it is working correctly

    Cheers! Rich

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