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    Hi Darren, there's an article covering a high-level understanding of our MIDI mode here.

    In summary:

    - Each dial and slider can be assigned to a specific MIDI CC#

    - Buttons can be assigned to specific MIDI notes. Dial presses can also be assigned to notes.

    - Dials and buttons can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts rather than MIDI if desired, and you can mix assignment types within the same profile.

    For example, you could have a button assigned to Spacebar to toggle Play/Stop/Record while a slider is assigned to CC1.


    As our main development focus has been on photo and video integrations, we're aware that there are still lots of opportunities to develop our MIDI mode further. In the short term, there are two limitations to be aware of:

    1. Palette doesn't auto-map to your DAW in the same way some MIDI devices do; part of the setup process will be binding each module to its respective function. Luckily, most DAWs have pretty extensive documentation on mapping.

    2. We're aware of potential conflicts with MMC (Midi Machine Control). Please see the known issues article here.

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