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    Just a quick update: this is now not only in the latest public release (2.6); it's also now built into the Next Profile, Previous Profile, and Cycle Profiles functions, based on feedback and demand.

    To set it up:

    1. Select a Palette button or dial; make sure it's one that you want to be assigned globally (ie across all profiles).
    2. Select Function Switching from the left sidebar
    3. Select Next Profile, Previous Profile, or Cycle Profiles.

    The result: this module will now switch profiles when pressed quickly (buttons) or turned (dials), and will also show the Preview Layout feature when pressed and held (same for both buttons and dials).

    Here's an illustration of how it works in action:

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    Hi Jim, we've had a number of requests for this. There's a feature that's currently in the Beta release (2.5.1), but hasn't made it's way to Public yet (as of 2.4.12)—it allows you to press and hold one of the buttons to bring up a quick preview.

    If you're not comfortable running Beta software, I expect this will be in a Public release shortly.

    Assuming you're currently running the Beta:

    - Go to PaletteApp Preferences
    - Enable "Preview Layout"
    - Return to any of your Palette profiles
    - Select a button and assign it to Function Switching > Preview Layout

    Here's a screencap showing the button assignment and its behaviour in a full-screen app.

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    Jim Kasson

    That looks pretty good. I think I'm going to stay away from the beta for now, but I'll look forward to seeing that in a full release. Do you think the display module would be too expensive to make or draw too much power? I'm thinking it would have to be 2x2 to be big enough...

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm currently working on a review of the Palette and the newest version of the Loupedeck.



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    Thanks Jim! I can't speak conclusively to if a 2x2 screen would draw too much power. Maybe e-ink would be necessary as it draws FAR less than LCD/OLED?

    What I can tell you is that there's a strong preference across our team to develop products that keep the user's eyes on the monitor, rather than directing them down to our hardware. Because of this, I can't make promises as to if/when a display module will come to market or if we'll simply continue further with on-screen previews or heads-up displays.

    I'd be happy to help with any in-depth questions—go to "Submit a Request" at the top right or simply email support@palettegear.com.

    - Andy

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