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    Shipping & Sales

    Hey Adam, thanks for the feedback. We're definitely open to revisiting the Jog dial behaviour.

    A couple clarifying questions for you:

    - Besides increasing the sensitivity, is there another action you'd like to see for press-and-turn or press?
    - In your ideal scenario, is the sensitivity increased dramatically across the board, or is the acceleration effect more pronounced? IE, does the jog speed stay at a consistent ratio to how fast the dial is turned, or does it increase exponentially?

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    Adam Karnacz

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the fast response. It would certainly be nice to have the ability to customise the turn and press/press separately from the turn alone. Eg 'turn = jog' and 'turn + press = next edit point'

    It is probably a slightly bigger acceleration effect that I am looking for because I need the frame by frame sensitivity for accurate edits.

    What would be really nice is if the sensitivity adjusts depending on how much I am zoomed in. Ie a fast quarter turn of the dial will take me a quarter of the distance across my timeline window. If I am zoomed in close that might be just a few seconds. If I am zoomed out it might be five minutes. This is very much the behaviour when grabbing the playhead with the mouse.

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