Why do the slider and dial not use one action?




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    Shipping & Sales

    Hi Eric, you're referring to the history states generated by certain dial/slider functions, correct?

    I think I can shed some light on this. When PaletteApp sends commands, it's sending increments with each minute movement of the dial or slider. So the signal your target app is receiving might be something like Exposure 0 -> 0.05 -> 0.10 -> 0.15 ->0.20. This creates 4 history states from 1 adjustment.

    A number of the functions we've built support history aggregation, where only one history state is created per adjustment. This exists for most Photoshop CC and Lightroom Classic functions, however, it has not yet been implemented for Premiere Pro CC or other Adobe apps yet.

    Definitely submit a feature request for History Aggregation across all Adobe CC apps if this is important to your workflow: bit.ly/PaletteFeatureRequests

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    Lucas Good

    I agree with Eric's post. Would love to see a dial move aggregated into one "action" in terms of history. I didn't see a feature request for it, so I added one here:




    Eric - upvote it if you can. I think it'd be a great improvement.

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    Todd Chandler

    Resurrecting this post, as it's been 3 years and there's still no action aggregation in Premiere as there is in Lightroom and Photoshop. If I make an exposure adjustment using the Orbiter, it records hundreds of incremental actions, making it impossible (or at best, quite difficult) to undo actions. It really makes the benefits of using the Monogram Console less...well...beneficial. Can we get a progress report? Will upvote Lucas' feature request as well, but it doesn't seem like there's been any progress.


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    Radu Palicica

    Shipping & Sales Why does Monogram create 4 history states from 1 adjustment when if you do the same thing in Lightroom using the mouse to slide a slider (or the keys + and - after selecting the title of a slider) it records 1 history state? Let's say that with the mouse is easier to program as it's using some sort of function similar to mousedown and mouseup even in HTML where the software knows when a click been released. But if you look at the way the +/- keystrokes function to adjust a slider, a history state doesn't get recorded until a delay of 1s or so. So why doesn't Monogram work in a similar fashion? 

    Is good that there is some sort of History Agregation in Lightroom which allows you to undo multiple history steps created through one turn action on Monogram by simply hitting Undo (CTRL+Z) once (instead of one CTRL+Z stroke for each history state created via one action) but this still doesn't resolve the problem of unnecessarily bloating the Lightroom library which is a big issue for me and is a real deterrent for using the Monogram. Also trying to make any sense of what adjustments been made by having a look at the history pane is incredibly painful as you you have dozens of lines telling you you've done micro incremental adjustments to exposure. One has to do a lot of scrolling to make any sense of what's been done to the image.

    Monogram Support , please fix this as it's been years now I've been keeping both my Pallet Gear and MonogramCC sitting in a corner gathering dust.

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