Love the Palette but hate the blue screen



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    Edited to add resolution:

    We found that this is likely due to a third-party helper app called USB 3.0 Monitor, process name nusb3mon.exe. Quitting that application before system shutdown seemed to prevent the blue screen.

    This application is not a part of Windows OS or PaletteApp and can be uninstalled or blocked safely if it causes problems when using Palette Gear.


    Hey Bo, that sounds super frustrating.

    What's your shutdown sequence like? Do you have PaletteApp running while shutting down, and is the Palette hardware connected?

    To give you some background on the Code 10 error, this is simply due to how PaletteApp initiates MIDI mode versus how Windows expects it to start; it will appear on any Windows system but isn't concerning by itself.

    The blue screen, though? Definitely concerning.

    When you have a chance, go to Help > Customer Support in PaletteApp; this will send in a formal issue report that I can bring to a couple teammates.

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