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    EDIT (Dec. 19, 2018): We've made a number of changes that allow a much simpler process for adding integrations. This means that it's much more feasible to work with apps having a smaller market share; disregard the original answer.

    In regards to On1, integration depends on an API that our software can talk to—similar to what exists for Adobe Lightroom Classic, for example.

    At this point, the best course of action is to submit a feature request to On1.



    Hi Dean! For the near future at least, it'll be a similar story for On1 Raw as it is for Luminar, Affinity Photo, or DxO PhotoLab.

    Unfortunately, it's not feasible to build an integration for these apps given their smaller market share. Besides Lightroom Classic, our next priority for a raw converter integration would be Capture One Pro.

    This could change following our planned redesign of the Palette platform—if we're able to build and scale integrations more quickly, or if software vendors can co-develop integrations with us, then it's more likely we can support smaller apps.

    Note: I moved this thread to Feature Requests so it can be voted and added to as such. As always, anyone reading this that also wants On1 support: upvote the thread and add a comment.

    PS: How do you use both On1 Raw and Luminar as part of your workflow—for different sets of images, or in parallel?

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    Kevork Torosian

    Hi, I've also switched from Lightroom to ON1 Raw for the better, so my Palette gear now is sitting there gathering dust...

    It would be fantastic if you could integrate with ON1.

    (By the way ON1 has already an integration engine to connect to Lightroom, perhaps you should look at using that?)



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