Lightroom Error, Monogram: failed to open localhost: 50110




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    Hey Corey,

    We are happy to hear you have resolved this issue! Our team does our best to get back to all requests within 3 business days. However, depending on current ticket volume and team capacity this can at times take longer.

    With regards to the localhost: 50110 error:

    Our Lightroom plugin connects Creator to Lightroom through a TCP connection on port 50110. 
    If there is any other software on your computer using (or interfering with) this port the Lightroom plugin will not connect, and will show the 'ERROR = failed to open localhost:50110' error message.
    The source of this issue can vary from computer to computer depending on which software is installed, but it is often blocked by a VPN, firewall, or antivirus software.
    We also recommend referencing the following support article to fix the issue:
    (Note that the port has changed since writing this article, it its now port 50110. Which has now been updated in the article.)



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    Corey Butler

    I haven't heard from support yet, and spent hours and hours over the last few days continuing to troubleshoot because I've been using pallette and monogram since they've launched, and this tool has become an essential part of my workflow. I have some background in development and networking, so I was able to sort of piece together how the platform works between the application, the lightroom module, and how they talk through the SDK- and what over the past week or so since I had used it that changed which might interfere with those things and throw this particular error.  So I'm throwing this out there into the void because someone else will likely have this issue and not get support either. 

    In addition to everything from my previous post which did not work and you do not need to do - I did a couple of "shots in the dark" prior to this including resetting winsock using the following command in the command prompt: 

    netsh winsock reset

    This may be necessary to address it because it didn't immediately address the issue- however, I followed it up by disabling network discovery and file sharing for all network types under windows settings, network and internet, advanced network settings, and then advanced sharing settings. 

    Being somewhat exasperated, I didn't check immediately after doing this and also disabled *all* network adapters not in use under advanced network settings - including Bluetooth. Oddly enough, my "XBox Wireless Adapter" was also showing as a Local Area Connection. I also disabled that.

    I recently unplugged and plugged that back in, and I'm curious if that had something to do with the monogram lightroom plugin being no longer able to connect to where it needed to. 

    With all that disabled, I was back in business.

    Strangely enough, re-enabling them has not reintroduced the issue. 

    Hopefully, this helps someone in the future. I have some empathy for them - Monogram is a small group that makes some incredible hardware, but they pretty consistently drop the ball with support and communicating... and I don't love the new "pay per year to use the plugins" but at the moment the alternatives aren't at the same level.

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