How to Enable Palette on macOS Mojave & Catalina




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    David Solar

    After Catalina - install, palette doesn't work. I can't see it in system peferences - AUTOMATION to enable System Events - it's no there. How can I add it to this Automation? I have the latest update? Thanks for reply...

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    Hey David, is it specifically macOS mode that isn't working after the Catalina update? This is the case if only mouse scroll actions and media keys are broken.

    Or, alternatively, are you having problems in other modes like the Adobe LR/PS/PR integrations, Capture One, etc?


    If the latter, email us right away at so that we can get you fixed up. Let us know what's working and what's not working, app-wise. Screenshots help!

    If the former, then I think it's a pretty simple fix:
    1. Assign a dial to macOS Mode > Vertical Mouse Scroll and turn that dial.
    2. You should see an accessibility prompt asking you to allow Palette Service to control your system.
    3: Hit "OK" and watch for the macOS system preferences window to open; it may require you to explicitly allow PaletteApp.
    4: If this prompt doesn't appear, please reboot and try again (I know, it's a tech support cliche, but I promise a reboot does make a difference in this case).

    Either way, hope we can get this sorted out for you ASAP.

    - Andy

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